Ground and Cherry Picker for Avocado Picking

Comboyne Avocados
Comboyne Avocados
Date Posted: 
June 23, 2022

Job Description

We are an established family run avocado farm located in Comboyne, NSW (near Port Macquarie).

We are currently seeking people for avocado picking (Ground and Cherry Picker).

We offer award based casual hourly rates and typically work a standard work week (38 hours, weather dependent). We have comfortable accommodation available at low rates.

If you like to work hard in a fun, cooperative environment, this is the place for you. There are also a wide range of natural attractions to keep you entertained after hours.

We provide all safety equipment and detailed safety training, most of which is applicable to further your career.

You must have a current driver's licence, visa if applicable, your own transport, a resume/CV with references and a willingness to get along with various people from diverse backgrounds.

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